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International Woodskin Yacht Varnish

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International Woodskin Yacht Varnish is a 1-component, oil/varnish hybrid that produces a natural, semigloss natural teak finish. Its microporous technology ensures the wood is breathable, making it straightforward to apply and able to penetrate deeply into the grain for improved flexibility.


  • International Woodskin is an oil/varnish hybrid which is suitable for interior and exterior application above the waterline
  • Substrates: wood
  • Application method: brush
  • Practical coverage: approximately 9 m²/litre; actual dependent upon surface
  • Recommended number of coats: 3
  • Touch dry: 1.75 hours to 19 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Hard dry: 3.5 hours to 24 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Overcoat time: 24 hours
  • Finish/sheen: semi Gloss
International Woodskin Yacht Varnish