Disposal & Recycling

Boat Disposal and Recycling Services

Too many boats in the UK are left to grow old on moorages, in marinas and along our beaches and coastlines. In time these abandoned boats contaminate our marine environment, can pose a hazard to navigation and negatively impact our waterfront communities.

When the time comes to retire your boat, it’s your responsibility to give it a proper farewell and do your part to ensure our pristine waterways are available for generations to come. That means finding your old boat a good home or disposing of it in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

We provide full-service boat disposal. We will strip it of contaminants and hazardous waste, remove all parts and fittings, sell or recycle what’s possible and dispose of the hull. Depending on the boat’s location and condition this can be done either at our yard or we can come to your boat, offering a mobile service for disposal and limiting transportation costs.

No longer want your boat, but it’s not ready for retirement yet?

We can either buy your boat at trade price, releasing cash quickly and saving you the time and hassle of selling it yourself.

Otherwise, we can help you sell your boat. We work on a no sale / no fee basis with a competitive commission rate of only 6% (plus VAT). Let us take care of marketing and viewings and more! Click for our contact details.


  • How much does it cost to dispose of a boat? The cost of disposing a boat varies greatly depending on its type, composition, size, its location, value of recoverable items and much more. Contact us to discuss the specific details of your boat and we will give you a free estimate. It is our commitment to work out the most cost effective option for you.
  • Can all or part of my boat be recycled or sold? Some parts of a boat can be repurposed: engines, propane tanks, electronics and metal hulls and some parts sold on: fixtures and fittings, etc. These would be removed as part of the disposal process and can be recycled, sold or disposed of appropriately. Wood and fibreglass hulls are not currently recyclable.
  • Will you transport my boat for me? Yes, we offer boat transportation services to move your boat to our yard for disposal. Price of transport varies depending on the size of the boat and distance; there are also height restrictions that will need to be considered. To minimise transportation costs we can process a vessel for disposal on site.

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