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West System

West System Epoxy 101 Mini Pack

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The West System Epoxy 101 Mini Pack contains a 2-part epoxy based system for use on smaller repairs around boats, in workshops or at home.  The Mini Pack includes resin and hardener, together with associated mixing and application tools as follows:

  • 105 resin (250g)
  • 205 hardener (50g)
  • 403 microfibre filler
  • 407 low density filler
  • Graduated mixing cups (3 No)
  • Application tools: mixing sticks (2 No), syringes (2 No), brush (1 No)
  • Disposable gloves (2 pairs)
  • Instructions
  • West System Epoxy 101 Mini Pack resin and hardener combination is formulated to wet out and bond to wood fibre, fibreglass, reinforcing fabrics, foam, other composite materials and a variety of metals
  • 105/205 resin/hardener mixture forms a high strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and barrier coating properties
  • Use: general bonding, fabric application and barrier coating
  • 205 hardener formulated to produce a rapid cure on mixing
  • Pot life (typical volume): 10 to 15 minutes (at room temperature)
  • Working time (thin film): 60 to 70 minutes ( at room temperature)
  • Cure to solid (thin film): 5 to 7 hours (at room temperature)
  • Cure to working strength (thin film): 5 to 7 days (at room temperature)
  • 403 Microfibre filler: thickening additive
  • 407 Low density filler: micro balloon based filler to make fairing putties 
West System Epoxy 101 Mini Pack