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Wessex Boat Store Hull White

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Wessex Boat Store Hull White is a stain absorbent gel for whitening fibreglass. It can be used on any fibreglass surface which has become discoloured through age and weathering and is effective at removing the brown/yellow staining on the waterlines of boats.


  • Wessex Boat Store Hull White contains a mixture of polymer gelling agents, oxalic acid, surfactant and glycol based solvent mixtures for the cleaning of fibreglass hulls
  • Application method: best applied with brush
  • For general cleaning, leave for 10 to 30 minutes and remove with a hose, brush or pressure washer
  • Use multiple coats and longer contact time (up to 60 minutes) for heavy duty staining
  • Gel formulation removes risk of drips and it stays where applied, even on vertical surfaces
  • Once hull is clean and white, polish can be applied as usual
Wessex Boat Store Hull White