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Ultraguard Antifouling

Ultraguard Antifouling Master Series

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Ultraguard Antifouling Master Series was developed by Marine Growth Preventions Specialists Ltd (MGPS) as an alternative method of antifouling.  It is an ultrasonic antifouling system , developed to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective antifouling solutions for the commercial marine industry.  The Master Series units were developed specifically for smaller commercial craft and leisure boats which lack the space and infrastructure of larger commercial boats.

Ultraguard Antifouling Master Series uses pulses of ultrasonic sound waves at specific frequencies to induce a resonance response in the substrate which marine growth attaches to.  This causes a light vibration in the hull of the vessel, which turns the substrate into a sub-optimal location for colonisation, thus reducing drag which in turn results in reduced fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.  Ultrasonic antifouling can only keep a clean substrate clean, it will not clean a heavily polluted substrate.

Testing is ongoing to ensure that the ultrasonic sound waves are not at a frequency or pressure that adversely affects whales and dolphins.


  • Ultraguard Antifouling Master Series is designed, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Will work on any solid metal or composite hull, pipe or component. It does not work on wooden hulls. For vessels of foam or wood cored GRP sandwich construction, a section of the inner skin and core needs to be removed and the gap built up with solid GRP to enable the transducer to emit ultrasonic waves to the outer shell
  • Control Unit Dimensions: L = 260mm x H = 200 (including brackets) x D = 52mm
  • Control Unit Weight:
  • Power Cable Length: 1250mm
  • Transducer Dimensions: Ø = 90mm x H = 105mm
  • Transducer Weight: 1450g
  • Transducer Cable Extension Length: 10m
  • Control Unit Current Draw (Two Transducers Attached): @12v DC – Inrush
    Continuous = 1.1 Amps@24v DC – Inrush = 6 Amps Continuous = 0.55 Amps
  • Power Consumption (Two transducers operating): 13.2 Watts Continuous
  • Transducer Power: 120w
  • Frequency Range: 18kHz – 42kHz
  • Control System: Fully digital microprocessor controlled signal generator and amplifier circuits

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Ultraguard Antifouling Master SeriesUltraguard Antifouling Master Series