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Tikal Marine

Tikalflex Clear 10 1-Part Adhesive Sealant

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Tikalflex Clear 10 is a transparent single component weatherproof MS polymer adhesive and sealant. It is neutral, virtually odour free and contains no isocyanates or solvents.

  • Tikalflex Clear 10 is suitable for bonding / sealing glass, acrylic glass and PVC on smooth surfaces including glass, carbon, steel, aluminium, wood and GRP. It is particularly suited to glass bonding
  • Not suitable for PP, PE, POM, teflon and bituminous substrates
  • Application method: soapy water and putty knife to form smooth sealing joints
  • Once hardened it can be ground and painted varnished over
  • Weatherproof but can lose brilliance over the years through UV light damage.
  • It is not recommended as am exterior adhesive with full UV exposure as it turns yellow
  • Not permanently applicable under water
  • Skin forming time: 15 mins at 23oC
Tikalflex Clear 10 1-Part Adhesive SealantTikalflex Clear 10 1-Part Adhesive Sealant