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Tikal Marine

Tikal Fast Patch Quick Epoxy Repair Putty

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TIKAL FAST PATCH is a two-component, fast-curing epoxy putty filler for all boat-building materials such as GRP, wood, steel or aluminium above and below water. It is easy to mix and is also suitable for repairing osmosis damage due to its low water absorption. Excellently suited for fast repairs and small profiling work and can also be used as a fast repair filler on most boat hulls from a visual perspective because it is light when cured.


Repairs and patch-ups above and below the water


  • Fast curing
  • High strength
  • Can be easily sanded
  • High breaking strength
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Low water absorption

Size: 600g


Tikal Fast Patch Quick Epoxy Repair Putty