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Suzuki Marine Gear Oil SAE90

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Suzuki Marine Gear Oil SAE90 is designed for marine gear units, particularly for use in Suzuki outboard propeller boxes, to protect gears from wear and seizure under high load operation.

  • Suzuki Marine Gear Oil is formulated as an 'Extreme Pressure' lubricant for enhanced wear protection
  • SAE90 viscosity grade at high temperatures to maintain oil film thickness at high load and temperature conditions
  • Helps to reduce propeller box noise
  • High shear resistance to maintain lubricant performance at high temperature
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection
  • Anti-foam properties
  • High lubricating properties to reduce friction
  • May produce an allergic reaction
  • Standard: API GL-5
Suzuki Marine Gear Oil SAE90Suzuki Marine Gear Oil SAE90