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Star brite®

Star brite® Salt Off® Concentrate

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Star brite® Salt Off® is specifically formulated to remove salt deposits from a range of marine applications.  It can be used as an engine flush, cleaner and corrosion inhibitor and is available in ready to use or concentrated format - this option is concentrated.  The optional applicator can also be used to more easily apply Salt Off® to large areas.


  • Star brite® Salt Off® is safe for use on all boats, vehicles, trailers, marine parts, engines, fishing and dive gear and more
  • Can protect cars or trailers from the damage caused by exposure to road salt
  • Suitable materials: metal, fibreglass, plastic or painted surfaces
  • Application method: spray on. Heavy salt deposits may require scrubbing
  • Will not etch or stain metal or plastic surfaces
  • Use with the Salt Off  ® Applicator to flush deposits from outboard and inboard engine cooling systems
  • Biodegradable formula with no harsh solvents
  • Contains special polymers that bond to the treated surface to help prevent the formation of future deposits. 
Star brite® Salt Off® ConcentrateStar brite® Salt Off® Concentrate