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Star brite®

Star brite® Vinyl Polish & Restorer

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Star brite® Vinyl Polish & Restorer is a one-step method for keeping both new and older vinyl looking its best. Simple to apply, it leaves behind a high-quality waterproof protective coating that defends against harsh UV rays and helps keep the vinyl soft and supple, leaving a long-lasting shine.


  • Star brite® Vinyl Polish & Restorer is formulated unlike any other vinyl polish, protectant or treatment
  • Shines and protects all kinds and colours of vinyl
  • Ideal for restoring stained and faded vinyl
  • Leaves a long lasting, waterproof protective coating
  • Keeps vinyl soft and supple, prevents drying out and cracking
  • Rejuvenates vinyl surfaces and provides protection against weathering
  • Special polymers protect against stains and UV damage
  • Application method:  apply to suitably prepared vinyl surface with clean dry cloth.  Buff with a clean dry cloth.  May take several applications
Star brite® Vinyl Polish & Restorer