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Midland Marine

Stainless Steel Wire Thimbles

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Marine-Grade A4 stainless steel wire thimbles. Used for forming hard reinforced eyes in wire rope loops. Also used in conjunction with splicing to create a loop at the end of the cable or rope for attaching with a shackle or similar. 

Place thimble on the inside of the loop to retain the shape and protect the wire rope from damage.

Available in variety of sizes. To select a size, match your thimble to the same size wire rope, eg: 2mm thimble = 2mm wire rope.


  • Provide maximum corrosion resistance for salt-water marine environments.
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Best for sailing, motor boating and other water-sports applications.
Stainless Steel Wire ThimblesStainless Steel Wire ThimblesStainless Steel Wire Thimbles