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Holt Shear Pins for outboard engines

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Holt shear pins for a variety of outboard manufacturers. Shear pins are a safety mechanism so if your propellor hits something hard, the pin is designed to break in order to protect the more expensive components of your engine and gearbox.

Available sizes: 

  • Stainless steel:
    • 3x22mm for 2HP Yamaha and Mariner engines (2pk)
    • 4x23mm for 2&4HP Suzuki engines (2pk)
  • Brass:
    • 4x25mm for 2.3HP Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude engines (2pk)
    • 5x25mm for 6HP Yamaha and Mariner engines (2pk)
    • 5x35mm for 8, 9.8 and 12HP Tohatsu engines (2pk)
Holt Shear Pins for outboard enginesHolt Shear Pins for outboard engines