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Seaflow ISO Fuel Delivery Hose 7840 A1

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Seaflow marine fuel delivery hose suitable for diesel and unleaded fuel. This fuel hose can be used in fuel supply and return lines, fuel tank vents and fuel tank filling, as well as other applications that are in fire risk areas. This hose is specifically manufactured to meet ISO 7840 A1 requirements, meaning it is fire resistant for at least 2 minutes. The hose is also approved by Lloyds and the R.I.N.A.

This Seaflow fuel hose features a textile reinforced black, synthetic rubber cover, which is resistant to abrasions, ozone, weather, heat and oil. The inner tube is also a synthetic rubber which encloses up to 60% of fuel odours.

Safe to use with E5 and E10 fuels.


  • Temperature range: -35oC - +80oC
  • Bending radius: 60mm
  • Burst pressure: 203psi (14bar)
  • Diameter: 6mm (internal), 16mm (outer)
Note: Sizes refer to the internal diameter of the hose.
    Seaflow ISO Fuel Delivery Hose 7840 A1