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International Primocon

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International Primocon is a conventional one-part primer designed for underwater substrates prior to application of antifouling.  It is formulated as an aluminium-pigmented, vinyl anti-corrosive primer which is quick drying even in poor conditions. 


  • International Primocon is designed for application below the waterline and can be used under all International antifoulings or as a barrier/seal over incompatible or unknown antifoulings
  • Substrates: suitably prepared timber, GRP, steel, aluminium, cast iron keels and lead keels
  • Application method: brush, roller or spray
  • Practical coverage: 7.4 /litre
  • Recommended number of coats: 1 to 5 by brush depending on substrate
  • Touch dry: 60 mins to 1.5 hrs (temperature dependent)
  • Overcoat time (product dependent): minimum 3 hours to 6 hours; maximum 1 month (temperature dependent)
  • Finish/sheen: matt

Primocon prevents leaching of TBT from an underlying antifouling by dry film thickness of 80 microns (minimum of 2 coats by roller)

International Primocon