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Polymarine PVC 1-Part Adhesive

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Polymarine PVC adhesive is a 1-part solvent based polyurethane adhesive. It can be used for repair of all PVC inflatables including Zodiac/Bombard “Dynalon” and “Strongon” fabrics and Narwhal/Valiant “Hypertex”.

  • Polymarine PVC 1 Part Adhesive is a 1-part adhesive for quick and temporary repair
  • Provides adhesion to both plasticised and unplasticised PVC nylon fabric, polyurethane fabric and foam
  • Contact bond:10-15 minutes
  • Full cure: 48 hours
  • Not recommended for larger or long term repairs
  • Primer: Solvent 2903 necessary as primer before applying adhesive to achieve a complete bond
Polymarine PVC 1-Part Adhesive