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Motul Powerjet 4T 10W-40

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Motul Powerjet 4T 10W-40 is a lubricant specifically designed for jet ski, water scooter, or PWC 4-stroke marine engines, turbocharged or supercharged.  It is formulated to provide a very high degree of lubrication thereby reducing friction to achieve higher output and resistance to very high temperatures reached in modern engines.


  • Motul Powerjet 4T 10W-40 is compatible with catalytic converters and is suitable for leaded and unleaded fuels with or without ethanol, biofuels
  • It has anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-foam properties 
  • Detergent/dispersant properties avoid sludge and deposits in crankcase and maintain engine cleanliness
  • Leisure or racing use
  • Protects against humid salt fog corrosion
  • Viscosity grade: 10W-40
  • Viscosity @ 40°C: 99.8m/s
  • Viscosity @ 100°C: 14.9m/s
  • Viscosity index: 152.0
Motul Powerjet 4T 10W-40