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Marlow Soft Shackles

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Marlow Soft Shackles are made from factory spliced Dyneema fibre and offer a high strength, reduced weight alternative to conventional steel shackles.  They are easy to install/remove and are flexible and easy to handle.

Pack contents: 2 No. soft shackles

Breaking strength (minimum breakload)

  • 4 930kg (7mm)
  • 6 250kg (9mm)


  • Marlow Soft Shackles provide a multi-purpose fastening option
  • Material: Dyneema D12 SK75 (high modulus polyethylene) with ArmourCoat PU impregnation
  • Construction: 12 strand braided rope, spliced, with diamond rope stopper
  • Length: 350mm (7mm dia); 450mm (9mm dia)
  • Lightweight
  • Low elongation
  • Good UV resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Marlow Soft Shackles