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Marlow Excel Pro

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Marlow Excel Pro is an all polyester rope which is Ideal for most dinghy applications.  It has a brightly coloured cover to ease identification.  The core construction gives it low stretch properties making it an option for halyards and the cover is designed to run smoothly through sheaths and blocks and sheaves.

Breaking strength (average break strength)

  • 110kg (2mm)
  • 202kg (3mm)
  • 377kg (4mm)
  • 702kg (5mm)
  • 986kg (6mm)

For a detailed specification please refer to link.


  • Marlow Excel Pro is suitable for halyards, sheets, control lines, kickers, backstays, out/downhauls
  • Material: high tenacity polyester core and cover
  • Construction: twisted long lay core; 16 plait cover
  • Pitch to yarn twist designed to optimise strength and working life
  • No shrinkage of core
  • Low water absorption
  • Cover protects core from dirt and abrasion
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good abrasion and heat resistance
  • Good cleat performance

Sold by the metre 

Marlow Excel Pro