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Marlow Excel D12 SK78 Rope

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Marlow Excel D12 SK78 Rope is a lightweight and high strength, single braid bio-based Dyneema SK78 rope.  It provides an option for wire replacement on a number of applications including cascade purchase systems and is significantly lighter than wire. Allows a reduction in diameter for control line applications from polyester ropes  due to high break strength. 

Breaking strength (average breaking strength)

  • 995kg (3mm)
  • 2 060kg (4mm)
  • 2 360kg (5mm)
  • 3 490kg (6mm)

For a detailed specification please follow link.


  • Marlow Excel D12 MAX 78 is pre-stretched and has ArmourCoat out on the outer layer 
  • Material: Dyneema SK78
  • Construction: 12 x 1 single braid
  • Coating: Marlow ArmourCoat Polyurethane
  • Weight: 0.53 kg/100m
  • Easily spliced and repaired
  • Floats
  • Low creep and low elongation
  • High strength
  • Good abrasion and UV resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No water shrinkage
  • Improved grip

Sold by the metre.

Marlow Excel D12 SK78 RopeMarlow Excel D12 SK78 RopeMarlow Excel D12 SK78 Rope