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Marlow Excel Control

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Marlow Excel Control has been designed as a dedicated line for continuous loop dinghy control lines.  It has a distinctive coloured snakeskin pattern to allow easier end-to-end, endless loop splicing with no diameter increase and for ease of identification.  The Technora cover gives improved grip, heat and abrasion resistance.

Breaking strength (average breaking strength)

  • 478kg (4mm)
  • 478kg (5mm)

For a detailed specification please refer to following link.


  • Marlow Excel Control is constructed to be a firmer rounder rope to assist handling
  • Material: polypropylene core; alternating Technora and polyester cover
  • Construction: 8-strand braided core; 16-plait cover
  • Low water absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to splice
  • Excellent abrasion and heat resistance
  • Cover protects load bearing core from dirt and abrasion
  • Good UV resistance

Sold by the metre.

Marlow Excel Control