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Marlow D2 Racing 78 Rope

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Marlow D2 Racing Rope is a light weight, low stretch, high strength all round rope. It has a pre-stretched, bio-based D12 SK78 core which gives high strength capacity combined with light weight. The core and cover are colour coded so that the rope can still be identified if the cover is stripped.

It can be used to upgrade polyester halyards by choosing a smaller diameter for equivalent/improved strength combined with weight savings and handling improvements.

Breaking strength (average breaking strength)

  • 3 490kg (8mm)
  • 5 360kg (10mm)
  • 6 940kg (12mm)
  • 9 270kg (14mm)
For detailed specification please refer to the followinglink.
  • Marlow D2 Racing Rope is ideal for all applications on board including halyards, sheets, guys, reefing lines, control lines, out/downhauls, vang, furlers
  • Material: Dyneema SK78 HMPE core; polyester cover
  • Construction: 12 strand core; 24-plait cover
  • Improved performance in clutches and jammers
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • No water shrinkage
  • Very low creep
  • Good resistance to chemicals and UV
  • Improved lifespan
  • Easily spliced and tapered
  • Runs smoothly and grips well on winches
Sold by the metre.
Marlow D2 Racing 78 Rope