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Marlow D2 Club Rope, 8mm Red

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Upgrade your halyard or sheets with Marlow's D2 Club with this blended Dyneema® performance rope with higher strength, lower stretch and greater holding power. 

By incorporating a Dyneema® SK75 core and high tenacity polyester, this rope maintains the same diameter as traditional double braid ropes, permitting a direct substitution without having to change your deck hardware. 

  • Average break load: 2460kg
  • Weight: 4.00kg/100m


  • Improved handling from reduced stretch and weight
  • More grip in your hand and around winches
  • Maintains halyard tension with low stretch
  • Easily spliced
  • Excellent UV resistant properties
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Light weight
  • Reduced elongation

Use for: 

  • Yacht Halyard Rope
  • Reefing Lines
  • Yacht Main Outhaul
  • Spinnaker/Asymmetric Halyards
  • Uphauls/Outhauls/Downhauls
  • Vang/Kicker
  • Control Lines
  • General Purpose
  • Yacht Main Sheet
  • Genoa Sheets
  • Spinnaker/Asymmetric Sheets
  • Spinnaker Guys
  • Runner Tails
  • Furling Systems

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Marlow D2 Club Rope, 8mm Red