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Marlow 8-Plait Marstron Rope

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Marlow 8-Plait Marstron Rope is manufactured from polypropylene making it an ideal floating rope.  It is soft, easy to handle and is available in bright colours to improve visibility.  

Breaking strength (average break load)

  • 499kg (6mm)
  • 645kg (8mm)
  • 1 530kg (10mm)

For detailed specification please see link.


  • Marlow 8-Plait Marstron Rope is ideal for rescue throw lines, heaving line, tow ropes and painters
  • Material: polypropylene core and cover
  • Construction: 8-strand braided core; 8-plait braided cover
  • Firmer rounder rope for easier handling
  • Cover protects core from dirt and abrasion
  • Floats
  • High grip profile
  • Very light weight
  • Very low water absorption

Sold by the metre.

Marlow 8-Plait Marstron RopeMarlow 8-Plait Marstron Rope