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Silva Marine Compass 70NBC / FBC

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The SIlva Marine Compass 70NBC/FBC is designed to be stable in a range of marine weather conditions and sea states.  The compass has a main steering scale on the horizontal part and direct reading on the vertical edge, making it suitable for a sitting or standing helmsman position.


  • The SIlva Marine Compass 70NBC/FBC has a cone-shaped, no-spin compass rose which is virtually unaffected by boat speed or engine vibration
  • Double scales
  • Built-in compensator
  • Protective cover
  • Built-in illumination for night navigation
  • Fits most boats - 2 mounting options: bracket or flush/bulkhead
  • Unlimited tilting fore and aft, 30 degrees when healing
  • Front and back yellow main lubber line
Silva Marine Compass 70NBC / FBCSilva Marine Compass 70NBC / FBC