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International Non-Slip Additive

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International Non-Slip Additive is a granular material that can be added to topside finishes to provide a non-slip finish.  It allows the finish to be applied as standard and does not affect finish drying times. 


  • International Non-Slip Additive is suitable for addition to International Topcoats to provide a non-slip surface
  • Contents of one pack are designed to be added to a 750ml can of paint or varnish
  • Can be mixed in with paint prior to application or sprinkled on painted surface
  • Application method: Brush, spray, roller or apply directly onto wet paint
  • Recommended number of coats: 1 to 2
  • Coverage (theoretical): 10 m²/litre per coat; 8 to 12 m²/litre (manually spread)
International Non-Slip Additive