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International Cruiser 200

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International Cruiser 200 is a quality polishing antifouling product which is formulated to be effective against fouling organisms including slime, aquatic plants and animals.  It is a replacement antifouling for Trilux 33 which is no longer available in retail stores.

Eroding technology in Cruiser 200 avoids paint build up.

Additional sizes are available - please contact us if you would like us to order an option which is not in stock.


  • International Cruiser 200 is suitable for use in fresh and salt water environments
  • Regular travelling at high speed (e.g. 30 knots) may experience early wear through
  • Substrates: all suitably prepared substrates including suitably primed aluminium/alloy and zinc sprayed surfaces
  • Application method: brush, roller
  • Practical coverage: 9 /litre per coat
  • Recommended number of coats: 2 for 12 months.  Extra stripe coat recommended in areas of high wear
  • Touch dry: 20 minutes to 1 hour (temperature dependent)
  • Overcoat time (Cruiser 200): 4 hours to 16 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Immersion time: 6 hours to 24 hours (temperature dependent). Maximum immersion time 6 months
  • Sheen/finish: Matt
    International Cruiser 200