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Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit

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The Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit is a 2-part biocide free fouling release system.  The kit contains one 375ml tin of each of Tiecoat and Topcoat.  The Tiecoat is formulated to enhance adhesion between primer and Silic One Topcoat.  The Topcoat is a silicone based biocide free, high solid, fouling release coating which cures by air humidity. The silicone polymers facilitate self-cleaning.


  • Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit fouling release system forms a hydro gel micro layer, which provides a smooth, low surface energy repellent coating to prevent organisms attaching to treated surfaces
  • For use below the waterline
  • For cold, temperate and warm waters
  • Substrates: suitably prepared glass fibre and metal.  Not suitable for wood 
  • Application method: brush, roller
  • Coverage: 10/litre
  • Recommended number of coats: depends on condition of surface being treated
  • Pot life: 1 hour after opening the can
  • Hard dry: 1 hour to 4 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Full cure: 2 days to 5 days (temperature dependent)
  • Overcoat interval - Tiecoat: minimum 2 hours to 4 hours; maximum 4 hours to 8 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Overcoat interval - Topcoat over Tiecoat: minimum 8 hours to 16 hours; maximum 48 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Launching time: minimum 24 hours to 36 hours (temperature dependent); maximum 1 month
  • Finish/sheen: glossy
Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit