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Gill Kynance Sunglasses

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Gill Kynance Sunglasses are square lens style sunglasses which have filter category 3 lenses, which allow for 8-18% transmission of light. The lenses are polarised to block glare, including that produced by light reflecting off the surface of water, making them suitable for marine/sailing use and general purpose use.   


  • Gill Kynance Sunglasses have polarised lenses to block glare
  • Designed to provide 100% UV 400 protection and to block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation
  • Supplied with soft case which can be used to clean lenses
  • Rinse in fresh water
Gill Kynance SunglassesGill Kynance SunglassesGill Kynance SunglassesGill Kynance Sunglasses