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Gill Harness Rescue Tool

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This rescue tool can be easily added to a belt for added safety while sailing offshore. The tool's webbing cutter is conveniently located and provides an easy and reliable way to escape an emergency situation.

The ergonomic handle provides secure grip in wet or dry conditions and the stainless steel serrated blade is designed to rapidly sever a harness. Additionally, a shackle cutter is integrated into the blade, creating a multi-functional device that is essential for any sailor.


  • Total Length 127mm
  • Low profile tool that easily slips inside trouser or buoyancy aid pockets
  • Shackle key fits most small to medium sized shackles
  • G10 Composite handle for wet and dry grip
  • Serrated blade edge for emergency use
  • Webbing cutter
  • Supplied with a nylon sheath


  • Regularly wipe all blades and tools with an oiled cloth
  • After contact with seawater, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry completely
  • Occasionally oil the locking and folding mechanisms
  • Keep all sand and grit out of the tool and keep folding mechanisms clean
  • Remember to keep knife blades sharpened 
Gill Harness Rescue ToolGill Harness Rescue Tool