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Midland Marine

Fiberglass Tape

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EastCoast Fibreglass Scrim tape becomes quickly saturated with resin,leaving a pliable form easily moulded into the required shape. This tapeis Epoxy Resin and Polyester Resin compatible.

Quickly saturates with resin
Easily mounds to shapes
Various weaves available from 25mm to 150mm

EastCoast Fibreglass scrim tape can be applied as reinforcements for GRP mouldings, high strength requirements, small GRP components and BoatBuilding, Stitch and Glue Canoe / Kayak construction.

Yarn Type = Glass Fibre Yarn
Reference = GS1053 Range
Weight = 200g/m2
Warp= EC9 136 Tex (Silane Resin Compatible)
Weft = EC9 68 Tex (Silane Resin Compatible)
Weaving Direction = 0 degrees x 90 degrees
Weaving Width = 25mm - 150mm
Roll Length = up to 50 metres

Fiberglass Tape