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Fendequip Acrylic Wool Fender Socks

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Fendequip Fender Covers (Fender Socks) are specially designed to protect the topsides from fender scuff, prevent ‘fender squeak’ and help avoid costly gel coat repairs.

These single ply acrylic wool socks are woven and manufactured in the U.K. using premium stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic yarn, which is specifically treated for UV and lightfastness.

Care Tips for Fender Covers

A cool hand or machine wash (with a little detergent if desired) will help to keep our acrylic wool fender covers looking their best!

Certified Lightfastness

Black and Midnight (navy) yarns both have a BS EN ISO-B02:1999  certified lightfastness to Std 7, which means is that if a material is left out in sunlight it will start to fade between 7-12 months.

Please note: This is an acrylic material and will not be 100% light fast.

Fendequip Acrylic Wool Fender SocksFendequip Acrylic Wool Fender Socks