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Marlow Excel Marston+

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Marlow Excel Marstron+ is an upgraded version of Excel Marstron rope.  It has a blended polypropylene and Dyneema cover for improved abrasion resistance.  

Breaking strengths (average break load).

  • 6mm (650kg)
  • 7mm (1 026kg)
  • 8mm (1 092kg)

For a detailed specification, please refer to following link.


  • Marlow Excel Marstron+ is ideal for sheets and floating ropes
  • Material: polypropylene core; blended Dyneema/polypropylene cover
  • Construction: 8 strand braided core; 16 plait braided cover
  • Elongation: 5.3% at 20% of break load
  • Low water absorption
  • Good abrasion
  • Very light weight
  • Firmer rounder rope for improved handling
  • Cover protects core from dirt and abrasion

Sold by the metre.

Marlow Excel Marston+