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Ecoworks Marine

Ecoworks Marine Eco Washroom & Toilet Cleaner - 1L Concentrate

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One litre of this concentrated product gives you 10 litres of cleaning product. This saves space, plastic and cost. 

Tough cleaning for a sparkling clean bathroom. This is a multifunctional biological concentrate cleaning liquid and deodoriser that is environmentally safe. This product is a natural and effective way to combat organic waste and odour problems in the bathroom without using toxic or caustic chemicals and is truly safe to use.

Core Benefits 

  • Concentrate product, dilute 1:10, reducing the cost and saving plastic
  • Combats limescale, uric scale and calcium build-up
  • A natural fresh deodoriser and cleaner
  • It contains a blend of beneficial bacterial strains and biodegradable surfactants and deodorisers
  • Safe on all surfaces, including chrome


  • Chemical free
  • pH neutral
  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula
  • No animal testing
  • VOC free
  • Post consumer plastic, reuse, recycle and reduce CO2e 
  • 0% manufacturing waste


Dilute 1:10 in a trigger spray or mop and bucket. For toilet cleaning and deodorising, spray into the bowl area and leave. For preventing biomass build up, spray directly into the drain line on a regular basis.

Ecoworks Marine Eco Washroom & Toilet Cleaner - 1L Concentrate