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Ecoworks Marine

Ecoworks Marine EcoAll-Surface Cleaner Concentrate

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Ecoworks Marine EcoAll-Surface Cleaner is a biodegradable multi-role cleaning product.  It is supplied in concentrated form for dilution which saves on space, plastic and cost.  The formulation combines biodegradable and naturally sourced surfactants, fresh fragrance and beneficial bacterial strains to break down any organic debris, including fats, light oils, grease, protein, starch and ingrained stains from a multitude of surface types, together with cleaning, refreshing and deodourising.

The product is pH neutral and is free from chemicals including VOCs.  There is no manufacturing waste and the product has not been tested on animals.

Additional sizes are available - please contact us if you want us to order an option which is not in stock.


  • Application method general cleaning: dilute 1:20 in spray bottle, spray on and wipe off
  • Application method stain removal: Test for colour-fastness first. Apply undiluted onto surface, leave for 3 minutes, wipe away with a damp cloth or agitate, rinse with fresh water. Repeat as necessary. 
  • Machine use: The dilution can be varied between 1:10 up to 1:50
  • Effective on hard and soft surfaces
  • Neutral fragrance
    Ecoworks Marine EcoAll-Surface Cleaner Concentrate