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Talamex Deck Fillers

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Talamex Deck Fillers (ISO 11192) are available for a range of liquids including water, waste and diesel.  The deck fillers are chromed brass and include hose connector.  Each type comes with a colour coded delrin cap with key and all caps are attached by a chain with the exception of the waste filler.  For dimensions see illustrations.

Item No. 18.639.000  (Water with chain (blue) 38mm hose)
Item No. 18.641.000  (Waste without chain (black) 38mm hose)
Item No. 18.639.075  (Diesel with chain (red) 38mm hose)
Item No. 18.640.075  (Diesel with chain (red) 50mm hose) 
Talamex Deck FillersTalamex Deck Fillers