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Barton Marine

Barton Marine Pillar Fairlead

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Barton Marine Pillar Fairleads are an add-on to the 'K' cam cleats, to enable them to be engaged from a variety of angles.  

Sold individually.

Different colours are available - please contact us if you would like us to order an option which is not in stock

  • Item code: 70105 Mini (grey)
  • Item code: 70205 Midi (grey)
  • Item code: 70305 Maxi (grey)


  • Barton Marine Pillar Fairleads are can be fitted either way round to achieve a lead from in front or behind
  • Material (body): composite Kevlar/Zytal
  • Material (pillar): stainless steel
  • Constructed for strength and wear resistance
  • Available in grey, green, red or yellow to allow colour differentiation
Barton Marine Pillar Fairlead