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Barton Marine

Barton Marine 'K' Cam Cleat

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Barton Marine 'K' Cam Cleats are manufactured from a composite Kevlar/Zytal material which offers performance advantages over carbon fibre and conventional glass reinforced resins. 

They are available in three line sizes, mini, midi and maxi and can be purchased on their own or there is a range of accessories which can be added, included colour coding for port, starboard etc. 

For sizes and detailed specification please refer to illustration.

  • Item code: 70100 (mini)
  • Item code: 70200 (midi)
  • Item code: 70300 (maxi)


  • Barton Marine 'K' Cam Cleats have high strength and wear resistance due to the composite materials used in their manufacture
  • Moulded top cap assembly
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Progressive tooth design maximises holding power and and efficient line entry/release even under load
  • Tooth design minimises wear to both cam and line
  • Stainless steel springs produce a lightweight, smooth action and are stronger and more durable than conventional wire springs
  • Stainless steel wear bar to extend life
  • Self-lubricating, low friction slotted cam bearing
  • Moulded base plate to prevent accumulation of grit and dirt in moving part
Barton Marine 'K' Cam CleatBarton Marine 'K' Cam Cleat