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Talamex Through Hull Skin Fittings

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Talamex Through Hull Skin Fittings are made out of strong, high-quality moulded white plastic (acetal).  They are straight fittings for use above the waterline only.  Various sizes are available - see illustration for size range and corresponding suitable deck thickness.

Item No: 17.616.101 (13mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.102 (16mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.103 (19mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.104 (25mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.105 (28 to 32mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.106 (38mm diameter)
Item No: 17.616.107 (50mm diameter)
Talamex Through Hull Skin FittingsTalamex Through Hull Skin Fittings