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Star brite®

Star brite® Premium Teak Cleaner (Step 1)

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Star brite® Premium Teak Cleaner (Step 1) is the first step in a process for the restoration of grey, weathered teak.  It is a fast and simple method to clean teak and other fine woods, preparing them for oiling, removing old oils and stains without requiring sanding.


  • Star brite® Premium Teak Cleaner (Step 1) is formulated to be safe and easy to use and will not harm fiberglass or painted surfaces
  • Cleans teak and other fine woods
  • Removes stains and weathering
  • Removes need to sand
  • Does not raise wood grain
  • Cleans teak with no hard rubbing
  • Ideal for use on teak furniture and home decks
  • Prepares fine woods for oiling and sealing
  • Contains no dangerous acids
Star brite® Premium Teak Cleaner (Step 1)