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KJH Jaws Handle

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Jaws Handle is an ergonomic grip equipped with a powerful cam cleat that allows you to tension a string without damaging your hands and with three times more power.

The reduction in rope diameters and the use of pure Dyneema® on a growing number of sailboats makes the KJH essential on board. The KJH is as popular with runners as it is with occasional boaters. A simple and unique product on the market.

Use for tensioning a rope, a flying blocker, frees a winch when changing the sail or when overtaking.

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  • Resistant, compact and ergonomic
  • Great for sailing and dinghy racing!
  • Equipped with a Dyneema® strop, it can be connected to a hoist for even more power
  • The KJH is equipped with our KJ3 cam cleat, so you will find all the advantages
  • Max rope: 10 mm
  • Working Load: 110kg
  • Breakding Load: 220Kg
  • The KJH does not float!
  • Available in grey, yellow, pink and glow in the dark fluorescent.
The pink and fluorescent (glows in the dark) version are limited editions (only 1 000 units). Do not wait too long to get yours!

KJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws HandleKJH Jaws Handle