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Holt A4 Hex Head Set Screw

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Holt A4 Hexagonal Head Set Screws are made from A4 (AISI 316) grade stainless steel.  Each set screw is supplied with a washer and nut.

Pack contents - one of each of set screw, nut and washer.

  • Item code: F110 (thread M5; length 25mm)
  • Item code: F111 (thread M6; length 25mm)
  • Item code: F113 (thread M6; length 50mm)
  • Item code: F115 (thread M6; length 75mm)
  • Item code: F118 (thread M8; length 35mm)
  • Item code: F119 (thread M8; length 50mm)
  • Item code: F121 (thread M8; length 75mm)
Holt A4 Hex Head Set Screw